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USA Souvenir Sheets, First Day Covers, MINT Stamps, Stamp Sheets available for sale.

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Aloha MNH (Item: #US1)
Colorful five Hawaiia Aloha Shirts stamps, each depicting a different shirt. self-adhesive stamps.

Garden of Love MS(Item: #US2)
10 MNH stamps of USA Garden of Love self-adhesive stamp sheet.

Industrial Designs USA MS (Item: #US3)
12 MNH stamps of Industrial Designs, self-adhesive stamp sheet.

Go Green USA MS (Item: #US4)
USA 'Go Green' self-adhesive stamp sheet.

Medicine Plants MNH (Item: #US5)
MNH stamp strip of USA Medicine Plants, self-adhesive stamps.

Holyday Evergreen MNH (Item: #US6)
MNH double-side stamp sheet of USA Holyday Evergreen, self-adhesive stamps.

Ships - U.S. Merchant Marine MNH (Item: #US7)
4 MNH stamps of USA Ships, self-adhesive stamps.

Latin Music Legends MNH (Item: #US8)
5 MNH stamps strip of USA, self-adhesive stamps.

Sunday Funnies MNH (Item: #US9)
5 MNH stamp strip of USA 'Sunday Funnies', self-adhesive stamps.

The 1861 Civil War Folder (Item: #US10)
Self-adhesive stamp sheet of civil war stamps of USA.

Apples MNH (Item: #US11)
USA apple stamps of the bright-red Baldwin, the green Granny Smith, the yellow Golden Delicious, and the multi-colored Northern Spy. 4 MNH self-adhesive stamps.

Muscle Cars MNH (Item: #US12)
USA car stamps. 5 MNH self-adhesive stamps. A complete series. 1970 Chevelle SS, 1967 Shelby GT-500, 1966 Pontiac GTO, 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona, 1970 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda.

La Florida MNH (Item: #US13)
USA flower stamps. 4 MNH self-adhesive stamps. A complete series.

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